A Place for Everyone

A Place for Everyone explores the human geography of a Rwandan village two decades after the genocide. Survivors and killers still live next to each other and a new generation of young Rwandans has grown up in a society that under goes a fragile reconciliation process. Filmed over the course of more than four years, "A Place for Everyone" portrays a generation of young Rwandans in their quest for love and hate, revenge and forgiveness.


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  • Viennale 2014, November 2014
  • Rwanda Film Festival – World Premiere, 2014
  • Sheffield Festival 2014 – Videoteque, 2014
  • Manya Human Rights Film Festival, December 2014
  • Quintessence - festival international du film de Ouidah, January 2015
  • 17th Thessaloniki Documentary film Festival, Greece, March 2015
  • TDF Peripehral screenings at schools, prisons and educational centres throughout Greece, April-May
  • Espiello XIII, Festival de documental Etnographico de Sobrarbe, Pirines Aragones, Spain, April 2015
  • Eyes and Lens Ethnographic film Review Kino Electronic, Poland, April 2015
  • Visions du Reel Mediateque, April 2015
  • Festival International de cinema et mémoire commune, Nador, Marocco.
  • Gdansk doc film festival, Gdansk, Poland, June 2015
  • Rai International festival of ethnographic film, Bristol, UK, June 2015
  • 12th International Film Festival The Heart of Slavonia, Croatioa, June 2015
  • 19th Edition of Festival Resistances, Foix Ariège Pyrénées, France, July 2015
  • 10 screenings in Polish cities sponsored by IRSE (Foundation Institute for Socio-Economic Balance) July-August 2015, Poland
  • 27th édition of thé États généraux du film documentaire, Lussas, 16-22nd August
  • 3rd AegeanDocs International Documentary Film Festival, 28 Sept-4 October, Lesvos, Greece
  • Screenings in 10 Aegean islands, 28th-4th of September, Greece
  • 8th Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival - 4th-8th of October, Taiwan
  • 24ème Quinzaine du cinéma francophone, Paris, France CENTRE WALLONIE-BRUXELLES, 5 Octobre 2015 à 18h30.
  • 9th edition of Docfest- Xalkida, Greece 14th of October
  • 9th edition - Corsica.doc New Talent, 15th of Octobe
  • Cinema ABC de Casablanca- CASA DOCKS, 20th October, Casablanca, Morocco
  • Muestra Internacional Documental de Bogota - Colombia 27th October- 4th of November
  • Miradas Doc Market, Tenerife from November 4th and 5th of November
  • Les Ecrans de documantaire son et image, 6th of November, Paris, France
  • 34th Jean Rouch International Film Festival, 7-15 November 2015, at the Musée de l'Homme,Paris
  • FILMER A TOUT PRIX, 9th of November, Brussels, Belgium
  • Documentaire sur grand écran, Screening and Award ceremony for Corsica.Doc Winners, 16th of November, cinéma MK2 Quai de Loire in Paris, 8 pm
  • Prix du film d'histoire Documentaire 16th-23rd of November - Pessac 2015, France
  • Maison des Cultures du Monde, 24th of November at 101 BD Raspail, 75006, Paris
  • Festival du film documentaire- Traces de Vies, 23-29th Nov, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand, France
  • CHROMA-Premier doc, Aux Ecrans du Reel, 2015, 29 November,Les Mans, France
  • Guangzhou International Documentary Film festival, December 2015, Guangtzou, China
  • Karama Human Rights Film Festival,5th-10th of December, Amman, Jordan
  • 9th Iran Documentary Film Festival-Cinema Verite, 13th-19th of December 2015, Teheran
  • Jean Rouch Projection des films primés 2015, 23 et 24 janvier 2016 / 14h à 18h, Paris, France
  • Association EthnoArt, Paris, France 12th of March
  • Cinemateca Portuguesa, 12th March, 22pm Lisbon, Portugal
  • Festival international du film Ethnographique du Montréal, 11- 20 of March, Canada
  • Festival international du film Ethnographique du Québec- 11- 20 of March, Canada
  • Festival du Film D' Histoire, 31st of March, Pessac, France
  • Mondes en Images Festival- France 1,2,3 of April
  • Ethnografilm, Ciné XIII Théâtre (1 Avenue Junot) March 30 – April 2, Paris, France
  • Greek Documentary Association, Technopolis, Athens 21st of April
  • Karama Gaza Human Rights Film Festival – Red Carpet, Gaza Palestine,12th of May 2016
  • KOMM.ST, Puch Austria, 16th of May
  • Hors les Murs du 35ème Festival International Jean Rouch, October 2016, Montpellier, France



Awards and Nominations


  • BEST NEWCOMER FEATURE DOCUMENTARY -IAFOR International Independent Film Awards – Osaka, Japan October 2014)
  • GOLD AWARD FOR BEST FEATURE - International Independent Film Awards – Los Angeles, January 2015
  • SHORTLISTED BEST TEN DOCUMENTARIES FOR 2014 - Les Magrittes du Cinema Awards, Belgium
  • GRAND PRIX DE LA COMMISSION AND PRIX SCIENTIFIQUE - Nador film festival, Moroco, Arpil 2015
  • SPECIAL AWARD - Gdansk doc film festival, Gdansk, Poland - June 2015
  • Prix du PREMIERE FILM- 34th Jean Rouch Ethnographique film festival, Paris, November 2015
  • ΙΒ- Images en Bibliotheques award/selection for French Public libraries, 2016
  • Prix du Public (audience award) at CHROMA-Premier doc, Aux Ecrans du Reel, November, Les Mans, France
  • IB - Images en Bibliotheques, France



  • France 3 via stella TV - 6 TV screenings from January 2016, Corsica, France









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