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Angelos Rallis is a documentary filmmaker and photojournalist who started his career as a theatre play director for the Greek National Television and Athens University. He then moved to UK to do research in visual sociology in the Centre for Urban and Community Research. Since then he commenced a long-term project documenting London’s East End emerging cultures and communities. His work has been published in Newspapers, and has been used by press agencies and NGO’s around the world. He is the director of the award winning documentary film A Place for Everyone-2014 ( 10 Awards at International festivals) and the Director of the film Shingal Where Are You? premiered at IDFA 2016.



Maria del Mar Rodriguez is a physicist, art director and film editor who has worked in academia, NGOs and the private sector in UK, China, Belgium and Greece. Her research and areas of interest focus in climate change, sustainability and environmental issues and how these affect the planet and the society. She worked as an editor and story advisor for the documentary film A Place for Everyone and as an Art Director and Executive Producer for Shingal Where Are You?




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