My work pushes the boundaries between raw reality and fiction. Thematically speaking, it draws inspiration from my own life experiences and revolve around unconventional family constructs, post-traumatic behaviour, loss and fate.

My visual and artistic approach, in the mode of observational style, resides somewhere between contemplative cinema, theatre and creative documentary with fictional aesthetics. The long takes and extended durations, the medium distances, the low angles and wide angle lenses permit me to depict the characters, framed by their immediate environment, in detail. In that way the camera slowly disappears as the characters become accustomed to my intimate yet unobtrusive presence. The character(s) looks at the camera, but also act as if it is not there, divulging with absolute natural authority not only their physical presence but also something like their “traumatized soul”.

In terms of narrative approach, my films withhold and delay diegetic information and induces a sense of slowness by granting primacy to the experience of time by the viewer. Conversely, the viewer has time to understand and connect with the characters and to become immersed in the events unfolding before them.